The Eternal Forest

A Warrior Cats Minecraft Server

Welcome to The Eternal Forest's Official Website!


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The Eternal Forest is the best Warriors roleplay around, without a doubt! We have the most realistic map and roleplay out there. 

How to Join The Eternal Forest:

Upon joining, you will obviously have to read the rules (or read them on the website here.) and if you have already done so, exploring spawn is manditory. The staff are not  going to test you immediately, so do not join and say, "Can I be tested?"

There are 2 tests to go through, neither of which are particularly difficult, the Roleplay test (Which insures you're a good enough roleplayer to participate in the server, there is a guide to roleplay here.) and the rules test, which makes sure you have read the rules. The rules test usually has 3-10 questions. After the quiz you will be asked to make a character (There is a guide to that here.) and select a Clan.