The Eternal Forest

A Warrior Cats Minecraft Server

*Guide to Creating a Character on TEF*

Characters on The Eternal Forest must be 100% realistic in every way, shape, and form. There was never a purple cat with red eyes in the books! We highly recommend basing your character off of a real photo of a cat, or use this guide. This guide is also helpful. 

There are also some helpful genetic guidelines to follow, for example, calicos/tortoiseshell cats are always female. A male calico/tortoiseshell (which are VERY rare) has a genetic defect and will be sterile. Red "ginger" cats are also never solid, they are always tabby. 

*Character Bans*

A character ban means that there is a cap on a specific type of character allowed (for example, there can only be 2 hairless cats.) The following types of characters have bans on them -

Albino Cats [1/2]

Blind Cats [0/2]

Half-blind cats [1/3]

Deaf/mute cats [1/2]

Bi-coloured eyes [2/3]

Hairless Cats [0/2]

Handicapped cats [0/3]

Male Calicos/Tortoiseshells [1/2]  (STERILE ONLY)

Successful cross-clan relationships [1/3] (at a time)

If you would like a character that has a ban/cap on it, please mail me  (TheJewelkitten). You must be trusted on the server and be on frequently. 

Staff tend to do frequent nest checks, and nests of mary sues or unrealistic characters are removed.